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 About our Puppies 
(All of these are in forever homes now)
Our Breeding Philosophy

 We are blessed to have been entrusted with wonderful quality dogs from well documented bloodlines as our foundation.Our goal is to breed excellent quality, genetically sound, well rounded 10" to 12" Russell Terriers. We strive to produce a dog that is neither short and stubby or tall & leggy looking. This balanced terrier excels in Terrier racing, Earthdog & Agility (among many other fun events). They also excell in Conformation class. We have produced & finished many Champions.

All our dogs are  AKC regestered & can be registered with the UKC. We are proud that our dogs are the foundation for both the AKC & UKC Russell Terrier breed in the US. We are also honored that all our foundation dogs carry the FS designation from UKC. The United Kennel Club was the first in the US to recognize our type of Russell according to the then Australian Breed Standard, the same standard used throughout the world. 

The bloodlines we use have been proven at terrier trials and most have received a Champion title themselves in Conformation prior to reproducing. The only way to truly "prove" a dog's temperament is to get out and do something with it. It is our opinion this is the only way to truly prove the dog is worthy of producing puppies.  We breed for ourselves and keep a puppy from almost every litter we produce. We sell the rest of the puppies to loving homes as pets. Because of this we don't breed much and only have a litter every few years. 

Our dogs have wonderful loving temperaments. We will not breed a dog with an unpredictable human aggressive temperament no matter how many ribbons they are capable of winning. 

We select for health, temperament, and conformation suitable for a working terrier. We will not settle for any less in our dogs that will be bred. In order to do our best to obtain genetic health in our terriers, we firmly believe in health testing. All of our dogs are at least,  *C.E.R.F, **BAER, ***patella  tested prior to breeding. The results are/will all be OFA certified,  making them very easy to verify online. Many of our dogs have now received CHIC numbers for furthering the genetic health of our breed into the future. We also plan to DNA profile all our breeding dogs to be above reproach in having accurate pedigrees. Our kennel and terriers are also listed in the RoHM database.  We are proud to be building lines of generations of health tested Champions.

Our puppies are raised in our home other dogs and all the normal household noises. This early socialization helps them to  become well adjusted pets and all around good dogs. We have been told over and over what excellent temperaments our dogs have.  This breed is generally very people orientated and just wants to be where you are. Our pups stay with the litter until they are at least 8 weeks old. Young pups learn alot of doggie skills between 6 & 8 weeks. Staying with mom and the rest of the litter up until 10 to 12 weeks is even better. To insure the quality of our breeding program, if possible, all of our litters are currently BAER tested for hearing. (There is no way of knowing if a puppy/dog is deaf in one ear without BAER testing). We want to know if we are producing any genetic defects in our pups, even our pet pups. All of our pet puppies go home with a spay/neuter contract and health guarantee. We are proud of our dogs and we stand behind them. We are available through out the dog's life for guidance. We will also take back a puppy anytime at any age, if the need arises.

We may ask alot of questions when you contact us about a puppy. We want to make sure that you are both suited for each other. A new puppy takes tons of time, training and patience. Occasionally, we have puppies available to the right homes. For more information please call (951)928 1155 or E-mail below. 

Please don't buy a puppy from a pet store. You really have not idea where these puppies are coming from or how the litters are raised. We will gladly refer you to a reputable breeder, if we don't have any puppies or the right puppy available. Research any breeder before you buy from them. If you have any questions about how to do this, please contact us. We'll be glad to assist you. 
Vista Real's Rosie Brown born 9-15-00
She's in her loving home now!

This is a typical litter of our puppies. They are 3 1/2 weeks old here. Life is fun!!!
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   * Eyes
 ** Hearing
*** Checked for slipping stifle or knee        (located on the back leg)
Ruby X Adidi female pup born 8-9-05

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